How to treat waterproofing 3

The wall of the house, especially the outer wall, is often splashed by rain water, which will corrode the surface and leak for a long time. Therefore, we cannot neglect the waterproofing of the walls of our buildings. So below, SonBoss would like to introduce some effective methods of waterproofing walls that we have handled for many waterproofing projects.

Waterproofing work (newly built and old house) is very necessary, to overcome the consequences of the phenomenon of leakage caused. Include :

The building is degraded quickly: the peeling, cracking of the concrete. It is a warning sign that your building is deteriorating and contains potential dangers that are unpredictable.
Loss of aesthetics of the entire building: Concrete cracks, yellow stains, even moss will make the work lose its beauty.
Potential risk of fire and explosion: Electrical outlets or wall-mounted electrical equipment are inherently considered safe, but when exposed to water for a long time, it will lead to damage, reducing the durability of electronic items in the house. : TV, refrigerator, washing machine…
Moldy environment will be harmful to health: A humid environment for a long time is a favorable condition for mold and bacteria to multiply. When inhaled, it will lead to respiratory diseases such as rhinitis, sinusitis, skin fungus …

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